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Engagement is Economic Theory

Engagement is Economic Theory

Jan 17, 2011

I was having a recent conversation with John Sumser where we discussed my need to be an engaged employee. Indeed, I’m that guy who is almost always engaged because I honestly love my work. I’m one of those unique people who actually find the world of HR and HR technology interesting. In general, I’m the typical, highly engaged employee. I generally...

When Things Go Wrong

When Things Go Wrong

Sep 1, 2010

Over the last few months, we’ve been watching tremendously troubling images come out of BP’s Gulf oil spill. We often think that when things go wrong, they can usually be corrected, but sometimes something goes wrong and it’s just catastrophic.  At the time of writing, the oil spill had recently overtaken the amount of oil released into the...

The Shift to Engagement

I was reading a post on 2010 (originally attributed to Joyce Gioia, but without a link). 1  I write this on the plane, so I can’t look it up.)  In it, there are a few 2010 predictions that keep the momentum of driving HR organizations to realize that it’s about engagement, not about retention. 6. Focus on Engagement will replace the Focus on Retention...

Survey Design 101 – Part 2: Which questions should I keep or drop?

Guest Author:  Stephen B. Jeong, Ph.D. In Part 1 of Survey Design 101, we discussed two broad topics related to survey design – choosing the right topics and creating quality questions.  Survey design (or questionnaire development), however, is not complete until you can show that all or most of the redundant questions have been filtered out from the final...

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