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Taleo versus SuccessFactors

Taleo versus SuccessFactors

Mar 29, 2010

At the end of 2009, Bersin did a great analysis of the two organizations that I can’t really beat.  It’s a nice objective and score by score view of the vendors that is based in good factual data, and I’m going to take a different approach, but you should read Bersin’s post first.  From my point of view, the discussion of the two vendors is quite...

HR Leadership Selection

I’ve been talking lately about how individual contributors are not always the best leaders.  Here, Jeff Hunter talks about why sometimes the individual contributor can become a great executive, and some of the problems they must overcome to get there. A Vice President of HR may be expected to have a great eye for talent, the capability to negotiate complex...

Defining Mobility

Talent is actually pretty tricky.  We seem not only to have problems defining talent and talent application components, but we seem to not know what some of those components even are.  I’m no making sense yet?  As anyone what are the components of a talent suite and you’ll get different answers – even though we’ve been buying and selling talent...

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