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Management as a Human Endeavor

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The modern enterprise is a human and social organization. Management as a discipline and as a practice deals with human and social values. To be sure, the organization exists for an end beyond itself… But only when management succeeds in making the human resources of the organization productive is it able to attain the desired outside objectives and results. ((Drucker, Peter F. “The Daily Drucker.” HarperCollins, 2004. Page 103))

I think all the talent and learning management system vendors should have this Drucker quote tacked to the front page of their website. The obvious reference is to performance and learning management. However, from a human resources perspective, productivity begins much earlier than that.

Workforce planning helps us define where to build the business and how to maximize our talent sources. Staffing and employer branding are needed to actually bring the talent into the organization. Then there are all the talent management activities on top of that.

Productivity is not an strategy that exists on the operational level. If you don’t believe you impact productivity at the basest level, you’re on the wrong track.

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One response to “Management as a Human Endeavor”

  1. Sean Rehder Avatar

    I think all CORPORATE MANAGERS should have this tacked to the BACK of their OFFICE DOOR for the same reasons you stated above. EXCEPT, there is one reason why it should be on the back of their door… to remind them to OPEN their DOOR.

    I once worked for this company that hired some “superstar” HR manager…she always had her door shut. Needless to say…she didn’t last more than a few months.