The intersection between HR strategy and HR technology


Systematic \sis-te-‘mat-ik\ ajd

1: relating to or consisting of a system

2: presented of formulated as a system : systematized

3 a: methodical in procedure or plan

3 b: marked by thoroughness and regularity ((from Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary))

systematicHR is a human resources blog about the intersection between HR process and HR technology. It is where HR strategies become the practice of service delivery. Here, we discuss how HRMS systems, point solutions such as TAS, TMS, portals, etc, can be utilized to maximize your employee experience and enhance the strategic capabilities of your organization as well as the concerns of the day such as employee engagement, project management, and cost parameters to your strategies. We discuss how different processes and service delivery models such as HRO and call centers affect your employee’s experience.

systematicHR is authored by Wes Wu (previously anonymous as “Dubs” or “Double Dubs” and is not affiliated with his employer.  Wes specializes in all things HR Service Delivery with a focus on HR technology, strategy alignment, social media in the enterprise, and analytics.  You can inquire about consulting engagements through the contact page.

What they are saying about systematicHR:

  • “Best HR Tech Blog”
  • Scale Free: “Dubs – best HR blogger around”
  • Nominated for the Best HR Blog in 2005 and 2006
  • Human Resources IQ: “Truly Valuable”
  • Success Factors: “One of the best around, period – from a guy who knows what he’s talking about.”
  • HREOnline:  Best of the Web: “Systematic HR is a gold mine of interesting ideas, articles, commentaries and discussions, as well as being an extremely, fresh, well-designed, easy-on-the-eyeballs site.”
  • Larry Dunnivan: systematichr always seems to get it
  • Fistful of Talent:  Top 30 Blogs (#14)

Due in large part to this blog, I was also listed as one of the top 100 influencers in HR. I look forward to our conversations.