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systematicHR’s 4th year

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Well, I finally hit 4 years.  The deal was to go to 4 years or 1000 posts, whichever came first.  Honestly, the last year was a it rough – I wasn’t writing as much, the ideas were not flowing as quickly, and some of the ideas that I have can be rather abstract.  I often get inspiration from some pretty random places (like the couple of posts on the Hadron Collider and particle string theory just to name one example) and I get the feeling that in some of my posts not everyone is quite there with me.  It’s all godd as at the core, this is a blog and I get to write about whatever I want to (It’s all about me).

In fact I have written 852 times on a variety of topics, always about HR technology or some form of HR strategy.  I’m still very pleased that I have remained on message in all of my posts.  It is also nice to see not only the blogging community participating in dicussions, but also the mainstream HR community taking a risk and posting a comment once in a while as well.

I’ll continue to be around even though the 4th year has been reached.  My attention to the site is not what it used to be, but as long as I feel that I’m posting content that is valuable, I will continue to do so.  This is not only one of the older HR blogs out there, but in terms of content, I still feel like it is one of the best.  I hope you do too.

Thanks for your readership.


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7 responses to “systematicHR’s 4th year”

  1. Andrew Marritt Avatar
    Andrew Marritt

    Well done, you out-ran me by multiple times. Keep up the good work,


  2. Sean Rehder Avatar

    Good news!

    With the “table being cleared” as much as it has with this economy, perhaps when it all comes back will be your best opportunity implement your “thought change.”

    Not quite sure about the particle string thing, though. 😉

    Here is to 4 more years.


  3. Naomi Bloom Avatar
    Naomi Bloom

    Dubs, whoever you are, I’m a steady reader of your blog and value its content, so please do continue. I’m launching my own blog this summer — some would say late to the party, but I have had so many writing outlets that I’ve never felt the need for my own, until now — and have many lessons learned from reading yours and a select group of others. My thanks for all you’ve done. Naomi

  4. Andy Scherer Avatar

    3 cheers, Dubs!

  5. Bruce Lewin Avatar

    Keep up the great work – loving it over in blighty 🙂

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  7. HR Recruitment Avatar

    Congratulations to 4 years of valuable work! Hope to read more of your posts.