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Symphony: Scope of Sight

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From where the conductor stands, she sees and hears everything.  This is the perfect place from which to direct and convey small changes in vision.  The conductor is perfectly situated so that everyone can see her, and she can alternatively see everyone back.  If the conductor was anywhere else, she might hear one section louder than another, not see low performers, or ignore one section completely.

One can only convey strategy if one knows what is going on in the organization.  Otherwise, any adjustments to delivering on strategy are actually just guesses.  In HR, we do this with analytics.  Not only do you need to know what projects your organization is delivering, but also all the people and organizational diagnostics as well.

Scope of sight also allows the HR leader to manage the coordination and collaboration points within the HR organization.  There are quite a large number of centers, customer facing partners, and centralized units all doing their own thing, but all needing to present a unified message to the customers.  The great HR leader keeps tabs on everything at a high level and knows when to make adjustments both in strategy and inter-department collaboration.

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