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The Annual CedarCrestone HR Technology Survey

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CedarCrestone is at it again. This time for their 12th annual survey. I don’t usually shamelessly plug anything, but I have plugged this survey for the last 3 years running (I think). The more participants, the more valuable the information. So go ahead and check the link:

Continuing and New Research Areas For 2009. This year’s survey covers questions about the following:

  • Adoption of talent management, business intelligence, service delivery, and workforce management applications as well as SOA and Web 2.0 innovations
  • Deployment options and related expenditures (on premise, software-as-a-service, hosting, business process outsourcing, etc.)
  • Comprehensive metrics such as employee/HR staff ratios, administrative costs per employee, links between technology adoption and financial performance, and many others

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