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If you have access to, you might want to check out an article called “Leveraging the Shift to Self-Service-It’s Time to Go Strategic” by “Leslie A. Weatherly, SPHR, HR Content Expert.” It just further proves to me why I don’t pay any attention to SHRM. While it’s very nice for them to finally validate things like:

“the notion of using Web-based technologies to automate the growing list of administrative transactions for employees-payroll, benefits, training, corporate resources and the like-serves as a catalyst for transformation for those seeking to move the human resource function to a strategic vantage point” and

“The benefits of automation are significant. It can eliminate routine, repetitive paperwork” and

“Finally, self-service also means that HR specialists are now free to spend less time on day-to-day recordkeeping and focus on value-added functions.”

SHRM: thanks for finally hopping on the bandwagon. You are only 3-4 year behind, so it must feel good to be catching up.

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