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IT doesn’t want technology, top management does!!

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In a bizzar twist, AT Kearny announced a new survey saying that IT professionals were less likely to want to be on the “bleeding edge” of technology than many business leaders. Seems that these business leaders are getting used to the idea of looking to technology to imporve the bottom line and IT departments are wanting to wait until these same technologies are more proven and stable. Makes sense to me considering IT has to fix it when the 30,000 bugs in the latest software take the whole system down for 3 days, and the management representative just got fired and isn’t there to take the heat anymore.

So in this new age of IT not wanting cutting edge stuff they’ll have to fix later, HR is increasingly going to have to be educated on how to write convincing business cases and cost justification in order to get their stuff OK’d by the CFO, CEO’s. Traditionally, HR has not been that able to get what they want, but as HR is increasingly providing strategy level input to the business, we need to provide similar strategy level justification for our own internal processes.

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