The intersection between HR strategy and HR technology

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Collaborative Hiring

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All in all, a great post on how the staffing organization should be integrated to the actual operating arm of an organization. I’m not sure this is so new though.

In the last 20 years that Sr. HR leadership has been gaining access to the corporate boardroom, I think senior HR directors and VPs have been thinking about how to match HR resources to operational requirements in a proactive way. Few of us in major organizations are reactionary anymore. With the advent of technology to track labor standards, position management and full compensation and job analysis, I’d hope that data automation increases the recruiter’s ability to be strategic. I don’t think that proactive talent management and talent acquisition is a new thing though.

Perhaps in organizations with ineffective systems or HR practices require the staffing agent to provide this level of strategy. Much fewer employers in the mid market employe true comp analysis, labor standards or position management causing the talent strategy to be pushed to the last minute – right to when the recruiter is involved. IMO, the talent strategy should be formulated in a collaborative environment with the operations team, HR, and staffing.

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