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Annual Plug for the HR Technology Survey

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Here’s the link – just go take it.

For those of you who are actually going to read this, there are several surveys out there that the industry counts on for trending year over year. How much are people spending, what systems are being bought, what functions are getting the most focus, and how are users reacting? We’re always interested in finding out about emerging trends and the last few years have seen us go from talking about things like collaboration to actually implementing them.

I’m a big proponent of benchmarking. While I realize that any benchmark is to be taken with a grain of salt, or many grains, it’s still invaluable “directionally” as to whether you are heading in the right direction at the right pace. I’ve decided over the years that saying an organization should peg itself to being at the “75th%” only leads to trouble, but being able to say “we’re ahead of the curve, and we’re focusing on many of the same things as our peers” is both comforting and strategically helpful.

The point being, CedarCrestone’s survey is the largest survey out there. They get not hundreds, but thousands of respondents. If any of you out there ever hire a guy like me, you depend not only on my experience gained from prior clients, but also that I’m keeping up with all of you through tools like this survey. It’s only as good as the number and people who respond though.

In the meantime, there was a very interesting Bill Kutik show a few weeks back where Lexy Martin discusses the origins, objectives and surprises of the HR Systems Survey

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