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Gautam wrote this quite a long time ago, and I’ve been intending to reply for a while. As long as I’m writing about leadership these days, seemed like the right time.

The upcoming generation of leaders strongly believes that HR can influence a company’s bottom line, especially in the knowledge economy, where talent is a key asset. Professionals from a wide range of backgrounds are now moving into HR, where they see exciting development potential, writes the author. Alongside business and financial skills, HR students are now learning to think strategically, he adds. Industry insiders expect future HR programs to cover globalization issues, regulation and technology. ((Ghosh, Gautam, January 27, 2006. “The New HR Professional?” Retrieved from Gautam Ghosh on Management on March 11, 2006.))

New entrants into HR are continuously more business oriented than prior generations of entrants. While most current senior HR executives either grew to understand the business, or were nurtured in other operational units and came to HR, the new generation seems to be learning the value of integration with business strategy right “out of the box.”

I do believe that technology allows new entrants to the job market with an opportunity to view the HR world in a more strategic rather than tactical fashion.  They will more intuitively understand the usages and opportunities that HR technology brings, and be able to transcend the gap between strategy, technology and tactic – something that is very hard to find in HR practitioners today.  It’s a rare competency to find people who understand all 3 elements and can combine them into a cohesive vision for HR.

5 thoughts on “Gautam Ghosh – The new HR professional?

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  2. Let’s also remember that the focus of HR would still continue to be dependent on the industry as well as maturity of the geographical proximity.

    Yes, overall, the focus of HR is going to increase on “business savvy” 🙂

  3. It could be that new entrants into HR appear to be more business oriented because of a REDUCED focus on classic HR ‘R’s recruitment, retention, remuneration etc…
    or because HR is not really viewed as a factor of production.


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