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Leadership, Brand, and Engaging Employees

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Leadership creates both the external product brand, and the internal employer brand. All three of these elements then go on to affect employee engagement, which continues to affect the external product brand. The focus and attention of the employee on the quality of their work directly impacts the customer experience with their product.

As we close up this series on leadership, we’ve talked about different leaders and what they did. Here’s my synopsis of what it takes:

  • Clear and spoken vision – if you want anyone to follow you, give them something to follow.
  • Inspire your employees to bring their best – your vision is part of this, but often your charisma and ability to inspire people is the other part.
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people – It won’t matter how good you are if the people around you cannot exacute.
  • Find ways to innovate – ust the talent you have at your disposal to create better ways of doing things. In HR, this is not only process, but also how you broadly manage the workforce.
  • Know when to take a risk – To lead, go out on the limb sometimes. Without taking a chance now and again, you’re not leading. Push yourself and your organization to new places, and push yourself to be better.

Now for your take… what have I missed? Comment below.

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