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Jeff Hunter answers the question if he is having Brad Pitt’s love child here.  Truth be told, I’m frightened by this thought.  He also answers the secrets to having a successful website:

  1. Post frequently.
  2. Write stuff that matters to you and your audience.
  3. Be consistent in style, presentation and intent.
  4. Be fresh and engaging.

As I close in on 500 posts, I figured I’d take a bit of time and reflect on the nature of the HR blogosphere and my role in it.

  • I’d like to think that we can have great conversations.  Sometimes this happens in the comments section, sometimes this happens between multiple blog sites.  Either way, I appreciate learning from everyone.
  • Do I write stuff that matters to everyone?  Not really.  This site started as a true weblog – a place for me to record my thoughts.  And then you started reading.   What I appreciate is that through the growth of this site, you as readers have pushed me to explore ideas completely outside my comfort zone.
  • Do I care what you think of the site?  At one point I didn’t, but now I think I do.  I’d like to think that systematicHR is an alternative resource (along with the rest of the HR blogosphere) to the stuff you get off of SHRM or
  • Jeff Hunter and I agree on at least one thing – blogging is a labor of love.  We enjoy doing it in the absence of any financial gain because we believe we add value to the HR community at large.

I hope you continue to enjoy reading systematicHR and the rest of the contributors in the HR blogosphere… and thanks for listening.

Lastly:  Jeff, even if you’re not having Brad Pitt’s love child (thank God!!!) you’re still the smartest guy around here.  Your quality of thoughtfulness and your magical ability to put ideas on paper is unparalleled.

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  1. C.M. Peters Avatar

    I’ve always been told (and I actually shut my blog down over this) that if your site/blog doesn’t mean anything to you, then it doesn’t mean anything to anyone else. If you don’t like your own site, then you might as well pack it up. Honestly, I enjoy your site because I can truly tell you enjoy sharing your expertise with others. That, in turn, makes me come back daily for a new dose.