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Hierarchy Versus Responsibility

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Traditional organizations rest on command authority. Information-based organizations rest on responsibility… The information-based system can, therefore, function only if each individual and each unit accept responsibility: for their goals and their priorities, for their relationships, and their communications. ((Drucker, Peter F. “The Daily Drucker.” HarperCollins, 2004. Page174))

I’m reminded of watching the food channel on television and seeing these giant manufacturing plants turning out potato chips or animal crackers. In these plants are these workers scanning the line for broken cookies and stuff. While I can see how it’s not particularly important for these types of organizations to have highly engaged employees, can you imagine a service or knowledge worker who is disengaged?

For specific types of employers and organizations, the emphasis on engaging your employees determines the overall ability to produce and service your product. By taking ownership in their work, engaged employees enhance the capabilities of the organization.

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