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The Crucial Promotions

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If a company is to obtain the needed contributions, it must reward those who make them… The crucial promotion is not a person’s first – though it may be the most important one to her and to her career… The crucial promotion is into the group from which tomorrow’s top people will have to be selected… Up to this point also, a person usually works in one are or function. Above it she works in the business. ((Drucker, Peter F. “The Daily Drucker.” HarperCollins, 2004. Page 125))

This fits in well with our succession discussion over the last couple of days. Recognize the difference in growth from the employee perspective and the employer perspective. The employee often sees more money and more responsibility as an indicator of good job progression. Often times it has to do with job title and getting that VP title is deemed as significant.

From the employer perspective, there are many VP’s sitting around that we know have reached their full potential – even many who have gone further than they should have. As Drucker says, the critical promotion is the one where an individual has been identified as a true future leader. This promotion many not coincide with a job promotion. But the simple inclusion into the succession plan and the development activities and focus that go along with it are the most significant of a person’s career – it signifies greater potential than any other even in the employee’s history.

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