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5 Things About Double Dubs

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Michael Specht tagged me. I don’t usually do this stuff, but perhaps it is useful to let you know just a little bit about myself. It’s going into the middle of “15 days of Drucker” as my last post of the year. As an anonymous blogger, I’m having a hard time with this one, but here are five things you definitely don’t know about me:

  1. I am a cyclist. At one point in my life (right after college) the sum value of all my bikes greatly exceeded the value of my car.
  2. I believe that a good piece of steak should stand on its own. No steak sauce, condiments, horseradish, or anything else. This is true for most good ingredients, embellishments should not be necessary to mask the true flavor.
  3. Continuing on the food theme and disagreeing with Michael, there’s just something special about desert. My pick is Boston cream pie.
  4. I have never set foot outside North America. Actually, if you don’t include border cities in Mexico and Canada, I’ve never set foot outside the U.S. (Sad state there… hopefully soon rectified).
  5. If money were no object, I would still work, I would still blog, but I probably would not be anonymous.

I have to tag other people? Well, if I have to, here are my picks:

Regina, Anu (who tagged me last year but I didn’t know how this all worked), TOC (the other systematic), (the other) Thomas (as a fellow cyclist), and Andrew. Consistently some of my favorite reading on the web for a really long time.

Happy new year and have a great 2007.

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    hey dubs – merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. I’m gonna respond over at – which is where I’m starting to blog for my new thing 🙂

    Oh – and if you’ve got time – you might be interested in contributing to a little debate I got going on about HR and Enterprise 2.0 –

    take care and all the best