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Much of this is old news, but a few interesting tidbits crossed my path and I thought I’d do a fuller update.

  • Of main interest and something I didn’t really know until recently is that Oracle has actually integrated the Siebel product into PeopleSoft’s EPM product in the 9.0 release. This is a pretty major advancement in their data warehouse product.
  • PeopleSoft 8.9 HCM should not hold any surprises any more. Really not having any new functionality, 8.9 was released with major updates to some of the core configuration and base tables. The most major of these changes is the “Person” model. The person model allows clients to track people outside of their employment relationships. While the upgrade doesn’t include much new end user functionality, this is a pretty major upgrade due to the person model.
  • I can’t talk about PeopleSoft without having a quick note about Oracle’s eBusiness suite. I’ve long maligned Oracle’s HR capabilities, but they are really starting to build some great usability and functionality around their talent management processes. It’s interesting to watch the concurrent development of Oracle and PeopleSoft and guess as to what will survive once PeopleSoft development is ended. Oracle is clearly putting more resources on their won HR applications versus PeopleSoft’s in my opinion.

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  1. Add Comment (0) PeopleSoft Product Updates [IMG PDF] [IMG Print] [IMG E-mail] Written by Brent Martin Friday, 02 March 2007 I ran across a short but interesting post at the SystematicHR blog. According to the article: Of main interest and something I didn’t really know until recently is that Oracle has actually integrated the Siebel product into PeopleSoft’

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    Certainly 18 months ago, there was a heavy eBus slant, particularly depending on who you were talking with, but over that period of time the market has continued to embrace PeopleSoft. As a PeopleSoft implementation organization, we have lots of evidence of this and offer the following information that we’ve gleaned:

    1. Oracle has an entire organization that only does PS Enterprise development (Apps unlimited 9.0 is released; 9.1 is on the horizon). I’m not sure what the comment about “once PeopleSoft development is ended”…that would be significant news given that there is a major effort to communicate the Apps Unlimited message.

    2. Oracles Sales is focused on HCM as a major initiative. The messaging is clear that PS Enterprise is #1 in the market and they see this as a great wedge application vs. SAP. A major portion of the business is expected to come from the PS market with its up-sell potential since clients can continue to purchase more self service and Talent Management.

    3. The other major contribution of 8.9 wasTalent Acquisition Manager/Candidate Gateway functionality. This was greatly improved and our survey data shows that PeopleSoft customers are staying with PS for its integrated footprint.

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    Thanks Lexy, Forgot about talent acquisition as I haven’t touched that in a few months. I’ll be interested in seeing what Oracle decides to do with the PS HCM product. While it will be nice to see continued development, I still think the end is near (perhaps years, but near nonetheless). Then again, I’m not as close to this topic as I once was.

    What I’d really like to see from Oracle is a focused development effort on one platform. Currently, I see great things coming on a couple of different fronts, but they are also different enhancements making customers pick and choose which app they want. They’ll win in a couple of areas, and lose in others.