2 Years – A Self Proclaimed systematicHR Love-Fest


Yup, my first post on the HR Technology Discussion Board was 2 years ago today and I’ve posted over 500 times since then. You have also written over 1000 comments. About 2000 of you read this site directly on a daily basis, and we’re syndicated on sites such as “The Industry Radar” where we created a site record of 9800 views for our HRIT post.

No matter how many people are reading, it’s the conversations that really make this worthwhile and I’d like to thank a few people for continuing to engage me in discussion and for their incredible insight this year. I know I’ve missed some, so I might update the page:

Andrew Marritt, Chuck Allen, Colin Kingsbury, Donald Glade, Gautam Ghosh, Howard Gerver, Jason Averbook, Jason Corsello, Jeff Hunter, Lavinia Weissman, Lexy Martin, Martin Snyder, Michael Specht, Naomi Bloom, Romuald Restout, The Other Systematic, Tom O’Brien

It’s also been a trying year where I’ve dealt with attorneys, battled people stealing my content, and generally run into issues with the cost of running the site. What started as a place for me to record my thoughts on the industry that only I would ever want to read has certainly turned into an interesting but fulfilling “hobby.” Yes, I do have a real job that averages 65+ hour weeks. Jeff describes his similar situation as a labor of love, and I view it the same way: an opportunity to bring value to the community and an assumption that we’re smarter than what’s provided on the mainstream sites.

Give me a comment or two letting me know if you have any feedback, or tell me what you’d like to read about this coming year. Thanks to everyone who has read, commented, and e-mailed me. I look forward to our continued discussions.

13 thoughts on “2 Years – A Self Proclaimed systematicHR Love-Fest

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  2. Dear Dubs, having worked at the intersection of HRM and IT since the summer of ’67, I was intrigued to notice that I’m the only colleague listed above without my own Web site. How you manage your day job, which is as demanding as mine, and still manage to make such frequent and valuable contributions here is beyond me. The care and feeding that your terrific blog requires to achieve such an impact on the community reminds me every day of why I have chosen not to create a blog or Web site that would demand more of my attention than there is attention left. Many thanks for all you’ve done.

  3. This is the blog from which the new HR is emerging. Unlike most blogs, a conversation is being shaped here and what is missing is more interaction with our audience in a form where we can begin to distill some new sustainable practices.

    I have to thank Max Goldman of Success Factors for introducing us.

    At some point I would like to see a group of us shape an index of conversation points we are shaping and discovering companies and groups of people who can help us build a real laboratory or investigation from which we an actually produce real case studies.

    What is discussed her in my opinion are matters that any company would find valuable to give attention to.

  4. Dubs,

    Congratulations and thank you so much for creating this forum and especially for asking me to be a regular contributor. I have enjoyed the interaction on this site as well as the conversations we have had.

    I look forward to many more years of “intersecting HR Tecnology and Strategy.”

  5. Dubs:

    I am kinda new here – but have been working in HR and HR Tech for a long time now. I really appreciate your thoughts here and some of the provocative conversation.

    Here’s to many more conversations.

    Tom O’B

  6. DD-one of the best blogs in the space- a must read.

    The work you do is plainly visible and appreciated by many more than you will know….

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