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HR Service Delivery: Question 1

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What follows is literally 3 weeks of questions around HR service delivery. These are questions that we can ask ourselves that can help diagnose porblems, solutions and opportunities. Hope you enjoy.

ho uses our services and technology in ways we didn’t expect?

In the most obvious case, this may be managers who have found ways to utilize our workforce analytics in their own daily routines. Perhaps this is wishful thinking, but it could happen.

The idea is not to just identify how people are using services and technology, but to ensure we can adapt to it. In all to many cases, we just do what everyone else is doing, keeping up with the industry “Joneses” without much thought to how our own organizational culture requires adaptation or specialized service delivery. This question helps us to adapt to the culture or even strategy of the organization.

Even better, understanding how the organization is using our services in unexpected ways allows us to design and redesign those same processes that not only provide better service delivery, but also may make us better business partners at the same time. For example, let’s say a manager has actually taken the time to look at the automated timekeeping system and at the end of the year run queries to tie into their performance management process and scoring. Is this the type of integration that other managers would be interested in? or is this just a maverick manager who is a bit more involved that anyone else?

As always, when evaluating those small areas where a few people use process and technology differently, figure out if these are real opportunities or simply outliers from the norm. If a global change is warranted, don’t forget the change management process to run concurrently with the implementation.

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  2. Rudi De Roeck Avatar
    Rudi De Roeck

    Double Dubs

    Like your opinion on the need to find out what really works and how technology is actually used, whereby HR is the enabler to spread good ideas and practices (even when these are not the ‘expected’ ways-of-working) across the HR and business community. I actually ran an initiative under the name of ‘BOUM days’ in a previous life (don’t worry, we kept it safe as BOUM stands for ‘Build Once Use Many’) which were enthustically welcomed amongst HR colleagues. Bringing HR people together around HR technology used in various parts of the world brought new ideas not only to the HR folks in other countries but also to the country HR folks already using it.

    Keep on blogging,
    Rudi De Roeck, Belgium