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10 Job Fair Tips That Really Work (For the Recruiter)

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Whether you are looking for interns or executives, attending a job fair can be a very effective strategy for recruiters. With the advent of Web 2.0, many hiring managers are increasingly dependent on technology for recruiting. However, the old-fashioned methods can still work very well. Below are 10 helpful job fair tips for recruiters.

  1. Plan ahead. Decide how many positions (if any) you plan to fill. If you are only looking for future hires, make sure you know exactly what kind of candidates you are canvassing for.
  2. Design an entertaining booth. People are attracted to bright colors and the use of multimedia, particularly if you are at canvassing young professionals.
  3. Double check your equipment before you set out for the fair. You need to plan for problems, such as running out of pens or a television not working.
  4. Be punctual. You need to set up your booth ahead of time, as you never know if you will hit a snag. Also, it looks unprofessional to be setting up after the doors open.
  5. Initiate contact with quiet, shy jobseekers. It can be very intimidating for people to strike up a conversation with a stranger, so be sure to break the ice.
  6. Don’t spend too much time mingling with other recruiters when you could be talking to possible applicants. Although it is good to network a bit so you can help each other out, you can easily get tied up when talking shop.
  7. Smile. Look as if you really want to be there. If you appear bored or annoyed with having to attend, it reflects poorly on the company.
  8. Accept any paper resumes that come across the table. Don’t be a stickler about applying online through the company’s site.
  9. Don’t sit behind the table, as you should be on your feet and energized. Walk around a bit and greet people.
  10. Follow up with your new contacts immediately after the job fair. You will want to talk with the candidates while their attention is still piqued.

Job fairs can certainly be hit or miss. However, it is important to arrive at each one with a positive attitude. Even if you don’t find any immediate hires, you might make some lucrative contacts for the future, whether they be other recruiters or future employees.

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