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Annual HR Technology Survey

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There are some things that inform all of us in HR about what is going on with our industry and where things are headed.  Of all these useful tools, the annual CedarCrestone HR Technology Survey is one of the top at making us all smarter.  Therefore, if I’m going to come out of sabbatical for anything, it’s going to be to plug the survey.

Over the years, Lexy Martin and the CedarCrestone survey have provided some of the most thought provoking ideas, content and industry insight I’ve had, and I know that many others share this experience.  The thing is, while the results are always valid due to the sheer number of respondents Lexy gets over other surveys, the validity does not always carry when we look at certain cuts of the data.  Therefore, while it’s the biggest survey in HR technology, more is ALWAYS better.

This year, Lexy has told me that if 100 people fill out the survey using the systematicHR link, all of those people will get a free iPad 3.  OK, so I’m lying about the iPad 3 thing, but you will have the gratitude of one of HR’s industry giants (Lexy) and from feeble little me as well.  So click the link and take the survey.  🙂



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