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BrassRing and staffing HRO

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I thought it would be a cool thing to spotlight either vendor services or software functionality every now and then. Generally I won’t look at “the normal stuff” but instead I’ll check out things that I think are new, in demand or unique. Here’s the first and second in a separate post for today.

Last month BrassRing announced that you could outsourced your entire staffing and recruiting function to them in an HRO type model. You’ll still need and want hiring managers to do some interviewing, but BR will continuously source candidates that meet your profile and job requirements to build a talent pool. When you are ready, they will pre-screen everyone for you and then you get to interview. Once again, the standard outsourcing message “you have more time for strategy” is used. What I’d really like to see is some more interaction for the on-boarding process. Until then, you really need staffing resources to facilitate the “new hire but not started yet” activities.

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