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Plumtree portals and ROI

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Plumtree has just made it much easier to substantiate the ROI on your portal investment. Of course, your organization has to be using the Plumtree portal, but this is one of the best out there anyway.

Portals generally allow you to maintain a single point of entry for a disparate user population accessing disparate systems, wrapping some sort of active directory technology around it. So your HR portlet on the master portal might have employee information coming in from the 401(k) vendor, the HRMS system, the benefits system, your stock option data, the LMS and ATS, etc…

Plumtree’s new analytics server basically will monitor all the activity and which databases users are pinging. Thus, not only do you have very accurate hit counts, but you also know where you’re ROI is coming from. You also know where you need to provide enhanced communications to grow the ROI in less used areas. This is cool stuff!!!

This should not be construed as a “plug.” SAP’s netweaver does the same, but you have installed a few SAP apps befire you have gone to SAP portal. To have a critical mass of systems on SAP, you’re technology direction has been set quite some time ago and (yada yada yada).

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