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It’s Time For the CedarCrestone HR Technology Survey

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It’s that time of year again.  The IHRIM conference is going on this week (no I’m not there), and the CedarCrestone HR Technology Survey is in full swing.  I publicize this particular survey every year for a couple of reasons.

  1. I gain the most insight from CedarCrestone’s survey about HR Technology than any other.
  2. This survey is the largest in the industry, and more participants means better insights
  3. Lexy Martin, who runs the survey, is on the leading edge of surveying not only what people are doing now, but what they are thinking about for the future.  This is one survey you can look at to evaluate not only your current practices, but also to predict if you are going to be a laggard next year.

For a number of years running, systematicHR readers have contributed more usable survey responses than any other social media outlet.  I’d like to keep that up.

If you are a person of the many thousands who likes to hear about the survey results later this year (at the annual HR Technology Conference, this year in Las Vegas), then take some time and contribute so that everyone can have better access to the insights.  (Filling out the survey also gets you a $500 discount to the HR Technology conference)


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