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HR Technology Conference – Calling All Slackers (like me!)

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I’m a big fan of Jeopardy! and tend to watch when I get a chance to.  I was distraught a few years ago when Ken Jennings lost to Watson, the IBM supercomputer.  I personally felt like there was no chance for Ken to win against this highly quantitative, calculating machine unless they gave Watson a 0.1 second pause before buzzing in for an “answer.”  In many cases, Watson is technology that is filtering into many of our organizations, especially in marketing and operations, less so in HR – but it’s coming our way just as we all doubted social 8 years ago but it arrived in the enterprise anyway.

If you are a slacker (like me) and have not registered yet, there is more good reason to do so now.  Watson is coming to the HR Technology Conference.  I for one will have to decide if I’m going to cover the conference at all, or if I just geek out (actually a normal state for me) and cover Watson and analytics instead!

Just use the Promo Code SYSTEMATIC (all caps) when you register online to get $500 off the rack rate of $1,895. The discount does not expire until the conference ends on Oct. 9.

Be there!

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