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Time for the Annual HR Technology Survey

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With the web content and search developing the way it has over the last 15 years, I think we take for granted how ubiquitous information is.  We can Google just about anything and get decently reliable results every time.  At the root of all of this, somebody is creating great information and insight, and it takes time.

One of the very few surveys that is just purely robust in it’s data set and is unquestionable in it’s quality is CedarCrestone’s Annual HR Technology Survey.  This is the 17th year of the survey, and we’ve all benefitted from its insights and direction.  It helps us all know what the market is thinking about and if we’re keeping up with everyone else.

All respondents will receive an advance copy of the results in early October 2014. The first 100 respondents to complete all questions will receive a $5 Starbucks card. The 17th, 117th, and 1,017th respondents will receive a $100 Visa gift card in celebration of our 17th year. All who complete the Survey will be entered into a drawing for an in-depth Benchmark Service. used to be one of the leading blogs in terms of how many responses this website generated versus other blogs.  In fact, at some point we were the top blog, but we slipped last year.

First:  Fill out the survey.  It’s worth doing just from the standpoint of helping out the industry.  Second, use this link!!!

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2 responses to “Time for the Annual HR Technology Survey”

  1. Lexy Martin Avatar

    Dear, dear Wes,
    Thanks for the post. With your 1,000+ posts, I’ve learned so much from you — the first blogger in our space. Your thoughts continue to educate (and amuse me….your airplane rant, for example) and I feel you have the pulse of some of the most advanced practitioners in our space. Thanks for what YOU do!! Pancakes, please. Lexy