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Mid Market HRMS

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I got an e-mail a couple weeks back noting that I don’t post any content on mid market HRMS. While this is generally true (and I am not intimately familiar with this space), it appears from my survey that many of you are mid-market buyers. (no offense intended in the term – I just mean that your employer has fewer than say… 10K employees – Gartner defines this as under 2500). So here goes my first mid-market HRMS post:

I honestly am quite surprised that Abra HRMS scales into the 2-3000 employee space, let alone much higher than that. I’m also not sure how Gartner defines mid market, but for a good mid market vendor to succeed in the space, I’m guessing you have to scale to at least 5000 employees. Here’s Gartner’s description of the report from their site.

Leaders have emerged in the HRMS market for mid size companies. Automatic Data Processing and Ceridian have strong positions. Employease, through its relationship with ADP, is well-positioned. Ultimate Software and Kronos are strong alternatives for organizations that want to keep payroll in-house.Retrieved from on January 30, 2006.

Personally, I like that ADP Enterprise, Ceridian eSource, Ultimate, and Kronos Workforce are in there. Employease seems like a good player, but I have never actually touched their HRMS.  Interesting to note that Gartner did not put the EPR HRMS solutions in their “magic quadrant” possibly due to pricing and future upgrade costs.  It’s clear that TCO may not make sense for mid market companies.  Anyway, you’ll just have to buy the report for yourself.

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2 responses to “Mid Market HRMS”

  1. John Nail Avatar
    John Nail

    Dubs, I have surfed your blog a bit and must admit I am baffled by the lack of coverage of the true SAAS vendors, like industry leader Employease who you admit you’ve never seen.

    Based on the description of you as working for a large consulting firm your familiarity with some of the true SAAS/services players in the mid market will be limited as there are no multi million deals here for implementation to be had.
    Not covering Employease and a few others is like covering CRM and ignoring industry leader Salesforce who is eating everyone’s lunch and for good reason – they have a better, more flexible platform, that is more customer solution focused at a price that doesn’t require an IPO to pay for.
    I founded Employease 10 years ago and they routinely win business from the vendors you so closely cover here with their major competition being the big boys in HRIS. Employease (and the followers in this space) are not some anomaly or surprise.
    ADP (

  2. Double Dubs Avatar
    Double Dubs

    Thanks for commenting John. I do watch several software as service vendors such as successfactors, recruitmax… but these are all point solutions, not core HRMS solutions. As you noted, I’m generally weaker in the mid market arena, although I actually have a good knowledge of ADP and Ceridian’s solutions. This is generally because when larger employers want to outsource payroll, these two vendors are still the only major players out there (unless you want to pay huge $$ for HRO).

    Look for more mid market coverage from me in the future. I’m greatly interested in how software vendors like Employease are closing the gap as mid market HR organizations realize they need to act like the Fortune 1000 to play in the talent wars.