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Recruitment Process Outsourcing for Healthcare

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I stumbled across this company, Pinstripe, that does RPO for healthcare. Now, I personally don’t really care one way or another about this specific company, but the concept of RPO for healthcare seems to be a troublesome idea for me to swallow.

One of the major tenets behind RPO is that there should be the ability to create a deep candidate pool to draw on for your clients. By doing so, the RPO vendor is able to turn around job requisitions more quickly and efficiently than a single employer.

The second major tenet, not of RPO but of BPO, is that there are service level agreements (SLA) in place regarding the performance of services. Therefore, the RPO would probably need to demonstrate that the average time to hire over a quarter (year or whatever is in the contract) performs at a desired pace. There should also be parameters around cost of hire.

Simply put, healthcare labor is in major supply shortage in the U.S. and either creating a pool of labor or contracting SLA terms just seems outright foolish. I’m all for RPO, but I’m thinking that if you start a business, you should be able to have some chance at success. I simply can’t see how Pinstripe is going to do it. May I be proven wrong, because the healthcare industry needs all the help they can get.

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3 responses to “Recruitment Process Outsourcing for Healthcare”

  1. Ron Walters Avatar

    TalentTrack has successfully delivered RPO in the Healthcare industry for several years. In fact, with one of our clients we increased hires by greater than 50% ( an improvement of more than 1,000 professional hires)and saved (in hard costs) the organization more than $1.5 million in the first year.

  2. systematicHR Avatar

    Ron: This is fantastic. The healthcare world is in such talent shortage, that I stand by my statement that (on the surface) it seems foolish to contract SLA’s for healthcare talent acquisition.

    Without giving away trade secrets, would you mind expanding on why it seems to work at TalentTrack?

  3. adam Avatar

    very good thinking about health carning world