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Oracle Fusion point counterpoint

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Over at the Parallax blog, a wonderful evaluation of Oracle Fusion and in it, some nice comparisons between Oracle Fusion and SAP NetWeaver.

Myth #1: Fusion is a Bad Idea: But both Oracle and SAP sounded the alarm long before most other companies even knew they were in icy waters. In fact, both SAP and Oracle not only saw the shift coming but have taken control of the reigns (albeit some reigns cost more than others) and are pretty much driving the shift themselves now. ((Robertson, March 12, 2006. “Point Counterpoint (‘I Pity the Fool’ Redux)” Retrieved from on April 1, 2006. ))

I actually taked about this a couple days ago. There is a definite shift in technology philosophy going on, and while I don’t see core enterprise systems going to an on demand delivery system, the modules surrounding it will increasingly go to other vendors. Working towards a business integration platform to create a cohesive suite with disparate applications can never be a bad idea.

Myth #2: SAP is definitely going to win the Application Operating System battle: SAP is battling change from within their walls. At the same time they are trying to convert themselves and their customers into nimble companies, they need to convince the world that they are really a core technology company as well. SAP is making some progress against this goal with the application stack of NetWeaver and Web Dyn Pro, their new development environment. There is some serious technology in there.

Contrast this with Oracle. No one will argue that they are not a technology leader. However, their own battle is how to stuff all their bags into one car after their recent $16 Billion shopping spree. It has left them with a large and powerful customer base but a highly fragmented technology problem. The good thing is that Oracle has experience converting customers from one technology set to another (insert standard reference to RDB here). Oracle’s battle only appears more challenging because it is more visible. ((Ibid))

I hope you’ll head over and read the entire article.

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