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Employee Development and Workforce Planning

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Actually, I just like validation, especially when it comes within a week of my posts. This Brittish article hilights some of the salient points I’ve been making over the last couple of weeks regarding workforce planning and knowledge management.

  • More than a quarter of the current working U.S. population will reach retirement age by 2010.
  • In addition to seeking new talent to replace the flood of retirees expected in the next few years, organisations must develop their current employees to avoid the loss of organisational knowledge and experience from those retiring
  • a report from consultants Accenture also found that many U.S. organisations were failing to capture critical knowledge and experience from older employees approaching retirement and few seem able to transfer valuable knowledge to newer employees.
  • A quarter of those surveyed by Accenture said that their employers will let them retire without any formal transfer of knowledge.

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