The intersection between HR strategy and HR technology

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You know – sometimes I talk so much about the technology of how things work, that I feel like I’m giving the wrong imprssion of what’s actually important. Andrew makes a nice point regarding the candidate experience here. Granted my blog is about the technology that drives some of these things, but the actual experience is more important that the tracking and automation of the experience.

When I was making a decision regarding my current job, I interviewed with each of the 3 major HR consulting firms (Mercer, Towers, Wyatt). In the end, I chose the one that I feld I connected with on a organizational and personal level. I also went with the one which went out of their way to let me know they wanted me. I have not regretted this decision for a second.

So I’ll be the first to admit, it’s usually not about the technology. But this is why I pay so much attention to the HR strategy that goes on. While I’m sitting around designing processes for people, if I’m doing it in a vaccuum without seeing the bigger picture of what the process drives, I’m a failure. That said, let’s talk some more about the technology!!!

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