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Onboarding Part 3: Vendors

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I’ll be honest, I totally forgot I was supposed to write a part 3. Thanks to an anonymous commenter to remind me. I’m not going to do a complete review at this time, but simply highlight a few vendors that I think have excellent tools.

Vendor 1: Consulting firms. To be honest, most of the onboarding portals I’ve seen are applications that were custom created for a client. Organizations that have thought about onboarding thus far have mostly gone out and built it from the ground up. This is mostly because until very recently, onboarding applications didn’t have the market momentum to justify the cost for a software vendor to create one.

Vendor 2: Recruitmax Aloha. This has got to be the mother of all onbaording applications. You don’t have to have Recruitmas to buy this module. Single dedicated portal with rich functionality, robust API’s (read: interface capabilities), and portals for your recruiter, administrator, manager, and even your vendors!!! The successful onboarding application will deliver data, checklists, forms to your new hires and provide fulfillment functionality to the desired process owning system. If that did not make sense, basically an employee can put in basic information, and 2 hours later the network administrator has all the computer access information set up.

Vendor 3: Enboard is an onboarding only application for small and midsized companies. Without the robust portal experience above, it’s fits the needs of organizations that just want some simple self service functionality.

Vendor 4: Virtual Edge Salute. Almost every ATS vendor will have some sort of onboarding solution consisting of a portal and data interfaces. Virtual edge does a good job with workflows and multi-department collaboration.

Vendor 5: Deploy Solutions provides an onboarding module as part of it’s “talent” suite. As I mentioned above, every ATS vendor will have something, but Deploy provides a rather disappointing onbaording experience. The robustness of the portal is lacking and simply does not allow the interactivity between multiple parties that other solutions offer.

There are a lot of applications out there, and some are much better than others. Recruitmax and Virtual Edge will provide you with more functionality than you need to roll out in a phase 1 implementation. Both will provide functionality to grow into. Other onboarding applications will give you some basic functionality but may not give you enough workflow and data fulfillment to other internal business partners and vendors. If you have the money, I’d say that a custom application or Recruitmax is the way to go.

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