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I saw a press release about Sapien providing subscription based, hosted HRMS solutions to the mid-market. They are calling it “self provisionin” which sounds like a bad marketing ploy to me, but generally, the strategy is worth looking at.

Dave’s Next Move (Dave Duffield’s new company) is going to be pursuing the same strategy, except at the enterprise software level. They will be doing HR, PR, finance, etc… Dave has actually renamed the company in the last week, but I forget what it is and they don’t have a website yet.

Anyways, it looks like decent scaleable HRMS is coming in a subscription web delivery in the near future. (some would argue it’s already here, but “decent” is the critical word)

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  1. I saw a demo of Sapien a few months ago and if I were not so busy I would spend more time researching it. It is a compelling solution for the SaaS model and with its clean UI could really take some marketshare for those looking for an alternative to a 2 dimensional solution like Employease. I am looking forward to see what they do with HR as I am dealing with a bunch on organizations coming in-house with Payroll after years on ADP or Ceridian.

    Todd Asevedo HRTP

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