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Social Media Best Practice #1

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I don’t know whether the other Systematic ( intended for his first post on social media best practices to infer that this best practice (#1) is also the most important.  However, I’m taking it that way and I haven’t even read the others yet (because they are unpublished – his is one of the sites that are actually on my feed).

Best practice #1: Trust, but verify. People behave better when they know the rules and are identifiable.

To me, the best practice phrased here really translates into the broader task of governance.  We as an HR community keep talking about how we help our talent communities to form through some of the new electronic networking tools.  As the other Systematic points out,

At first the group dynamic was light and friendly although they used it conversations about everything except work. Within a few weeks the crowd got larger and the conversations veered towards the street corner.

Putting in the governance structure from the very beginning allows you to not only have some semblance of control over the conversations, but it keeps the participants actively moderating themselves as well.  Go take a look at the rest of his post.

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