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HR Service Delivery: Question 6

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Who hates our product? Who loves it? Who is indifferent?

Let’s hope everyone loves our approach to HR Service Delivery. More often than not, the large majority of your population will either hate it or be indifferent. While you don’t want pure hatred, it’s good to know why this happens. Perhaps the technology you have put into place is more cumbersome than the manual process you had before. You’ve saved the HR staff time, but cost the managers extra hours per week. Or you’ve gone from an internal call center to an outsourced HRO call center that also happens to be offshore. Dislike can come in many forms over many issues, but these can at least be tracked back to a point in time when a specific change was made.

What is more difficult is the indifferent population. Often, these feelings cannot be tracked back to a decision or change. It is the status quo that people are comfortable with. But indifference and not like can be a sign of ineffectiveness. If someone is indifferent, it really just means that while the process or technology doesn’t get in his/her way, it also doesn’t make them a whole lot better off.

Another way to ask this question is what parts of service delivery do more people love, and which parts are universally hated. Often it’s not just a single population that reflects an opinion, but that hatred of the xyz software is universal. Whatever you find, these are all just opportunities for improvement.

As always, when evaluating those small areas where a few people use process and technology differently, figure out if these are real opportunities or simply outliers from the norm. If a global change is warranted, don’t forget the change management process to run concurrently with the implementation.

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  3. Tom Avatar

    The other idea is to find the indifferent group and ask them to help define a successful outcome. The indifference can be a result of people not feeling as if their concerns are being acknowledged.

    Also, communication of good and bad news (successes and challenges) can help open the lines of communication and set the proper expectation.