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HR Service Delivery: Question 8

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If we changed our service delivery so that it was perfect for every customer, what would that look like?

In reality, this is probably a little bit too broad. What it does though is it puts together a list of features and possible changes that would improve your HR Service Delivery from its current state. Those features can them be prioritized, costed, and them implemented in order of what makes sense.

Often, the highest priorities are not those that are tackled first. Instead, there may be low cost, quickly implementable solutions that have a medium impact. Depending on your situation and organization, being able to implement 4 or 5 medium priority solutions in the course of a year might have the same impact as a very large single project that takes the same amount of time.

As always, when evaluating those small areas where a few people use process and technology differently, figure out if these are real opportunities or simply outliers from the norm. If a global change is warranted, don’t forget the change management process to run concurrently with the implementation.

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