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CedarCrestone 2008-2009 HR Systems Survey

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It’s not often that you get to see the results of a survey before the submission deadline is up, but Lexy Martin shared a few preliminary numbers with me. While these are very preliminary numbers, it’s interesting to see the directionality of the numbers.  She was thinking that with the down-economy, that some of the applications that enable more effective use and development of existing employees would be sharply up. While directionally right…. there is not an overwhelming surge at least with the first few hundred respondents. A few tidbits:

  • Competency management tracking up from 19% in use in 2007 to 23% in 2008.
  • Learning management systems up from 43% in use to 48%.
  • Workforce analytics up from 11% to 13%.

Surveys are only as good as the number of participants that provide data.  We all depend on them, but sometimes we sit around hoping everyone else will do the work so we don’t have to.  Here is a link to the CedarCrestone 2008-2009 HR Systems Survey, 11th Annual Edition focused on HR Technologies, Service Delivery Approaches, and Metrics. Data collection is from June 2 through July 16, 2008.

The survey covers questions about:

  • Talent management, workforce management, workforce planning and business intelligence applications
  • Self service, portal, and Web 2.0 innovations
  • Sourcing choices (business process outsourcing, software-as-a-service, etc.)
  • Current year expenditures and next year’s budgets
  • Metrics such as employee/HR staff ratios, administrative costs per employee, and many others

No, I’m not getting paid to plug the survey, but it would be really cool if a lot of systematicHR readers filled the thing out.  You will receive a copy of the results prior to public release in October, 2008 at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago.

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