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Stages in Talent Management Maturity

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The taleo blog recently wrote a piece about the sages of maturity for talent management solutions.  I actually like this 4 stage continuum, and think it applies to more than just talent management suites.

STAGE 1: Companies use automated core HR systems with a group of manual and disparate human capital management (HCM) systems and processes.
STAGE 2: Organizations begin to automate some of their HCM processes.
STAGE 3: HCM systems are being integrated and talent management suites are forming.
STAGE 4: A truly unified platform of talent management and application delivery.  ((Snell, Alice, June 28, 2008.  Retrieved from on July 13, 2008.))

I suppose the one thing I’m curious about is what stage Taleo thinks the industry is at right now.  I’m thinking the industry is at stage 2.  Talent management vendors are not providing real integration no matter what most of them sell.  I’d guess that stage 3 with integrated talent management suites is first, not really developed yet, second requires optimized SOA if the suite is utilizing disparate systems, and third need to utilize an integrated database with unified messaging between the systems.  We’re not there yet by any means.  I’m not sure what stage 4 means, but I know we’re nowhere close yet.  Is it a single system like SAP?

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2 responses to “Stages in Talent Management Maturity”

  1. Romuald Avatar

    I have 2 comments
    1. How do you define “industry”?
    Is it F100? G500? Does it include Small and medium enterprises?
    If the latter, it surely changes what stage the “industry” is at.
    2. What about STAGE 0: Companies do not use automated systems?
    Many smaller companies have not invested yet in Talent Management components. Their processes are managed manually (with the help of Excel of course)

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