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Complex Problem Solving and Change Management

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Serious hat tip to Rob Millard

Rob wrote about this over 2 years ago, but the picture still exists and I stumbled upon it months ago, and then had a second look a couple weeks ago. Rob pointed me to an intriguing picture that I’ve had to think about for a while. Rather than using it as a picture for complex problem solving for innovations or R&D, I’ve been thinking about it as a change management diagram. It goes through the phases of planning for a problem, creating understanding within the organization, and ultimately coherent actions. In fact, the purpose of Ideagram, the company this diagram is from) is to facilitate common understanding and create a common vision – ultimately adoption.

Check out this diagram, and mouse over the various areas to get more detail. I’ve had to think about it for a while, but really it’s a documented approach that has fascinated me.

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2 responses to “Complex Problem Solving and Change Management”

  1. Andy Scherer Avatar

    Very cool. Thanks, Dubs.

  2. Romuald Avatar

    Love the picture. Thanks Dubs.