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3 Words Follow-up to yesterday’s post written by David Zinger.

I am so pleased you took so much away from 3 little words. It makes me feel stronger than the 3 little pigs and I know some wolf can blow my 3 word structure down.

The words are all important to me and my work. I thought about the words quite a bit and waited until I found 3 that “fit.” When I looked at those three, they expressed me.

Authentic: I can only be who I am. I am getting to be more of who I am. I work at ensuring that I voice my authentic perspective as opposed to what I think someone might want to hear to what I “should” say. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t become Tom Peter and sound like I am shouting at you but I will be my caring, gentle, self. Of course, this is fused with gentle tenacity and I don’t confront, I “carefront.” I also never knew my voice in 2009 would start to express workplace poetry but I write a poem every week on Wednesday’s to express my view of work.

Connections: I believe engagement is connections not only to people but results, strategies, etc. This played a big role in developing the Zinger Model of Engagement that looks at the 14 elements that are all connected. I have also reached out around the globe to connect to people on engagement. We now have over 1800 members at the Employee Engagement Network. I have personally connected to everyone of them with a personalized welcome.

Engage. To me, it is all about engaging. My youngest son plays rugby and he is in the scrum and I love hearing “crouch, touch, pause, engage.” I especially like the engage part. I am 55 now and I think a lot of my life to date has been more about crouching, touching, and pausing. I am ready, willing, and able to engage. I think employee engagement is not an extra in working but the way we will work and lead and manage in this new decade. I often finish my writing with the line, “engage along with me, the best is yet to be.”

Just looked at the three words again and they spell ACE. I like that.

You got the 3 words in my mind for 2010.
They will be:

  1. Engage
  2. Mobilize
  3. Produce

I want to foster and enhance my engagement and the engagement of others. This will be focus #1. Mobilize is my focus to start to transform the network into a community and into a movement. I have so many wonderful connections (theme last year) I want to help mobilize these connections. Produce is to engage and mobilize myself and others to produce richer and more helpful resources. We have done e-books and I would like to add print books, webinars, and a conference. I am indebted to you for bringing the 3 words into focus for 2010. Thanks.


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