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Prior Post updated to include real links to the publisher. I had the text of the entire series, but only 4 of 6 links below. You’ll have to look for the other 2.

This is a 6 part series in The Edge’s Financial magazine – a daily and weekly magazine in Malasia. It was written by Leo Fernandez, a Hewitt employee. When I was writing this, The Edge had let their domain name expire. Therefore, understanding that I’m violating 1000 copyright laws, I’m posting 5 of 6 articles in pdf form. The pdf preserves the copyright mark of the publisher and names the writer, etc… At such time that the publisher wants this removed from this blog, I will do so immediately one I receive an e-mail. I will do the same if requested by the author or by Hewitt. I will not check to see if the Edge gets their domain back.

Exciting times ahead for HRO
Choosing the right partner
No shortcut to success
Management: When partners really partner

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