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Follow-up on HRO providers

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In my post for Fidelity HRO, I listed my top 5 HRO vendors. A consulting colleague (of unknown firm) who works closely in the HRO space e-mailed me this follow-up:

interesting view of the top 5 hro providers. i play heavily in this space as a hr consultant and not sure i would classify the same way.

true global hr bpo providers:
IBM – just because they are IBM… but limited experience to date
Hewitt – 800 lb gorilla
Convergys – well kept secret
Accenture – waffling commitment to hro – maybe doing a deal with hewitt?
ACS – low cost provider. would like to see them do something real after mellon. have been quiet and having contract problems.
ExcellerateHRO – wanna be… no real success…. TP relationship is interesting, but not so sure the marketplace has seen the power of it yet

others providing niche services but not really offering true HR BPO
ADP – payroll plus
Fidelity – hr/ben/pay for us clients
Arinso – pan-european payroll plus

Thanks for the follow-up, it will be great to continue this discussion as the industry evolves. ADP is really the only player I might disagree on. They might be pulling together the HR side of HRO and their international offering is growing on SAP. However, the HRO and international salespeople are silo’d and the offerings may not be compatible.

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