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You guys know that I don’t usually pitch anything.  But I have pitched this show a few times.  It really is probably the largest gathering of HR people outside of the SHRM conference.  But you never hear people come back from the SHRM conference talking excitedly about… well, anything really.  Some people like the keynotes, but other than that, it’s just a big gathering.

The HR Technology Conference on the other hand always seems to have the blogger and twitter pages abuzz.  Analysts flock to see what is happening and what vendors are saying.  People talk about the Talent Management Panel for months, and I still remember who won every single one of the Vendor Shootouts.

But (you say) it’s just a big vendor meeting and a huge, organized sales meeting!!!  There certainly is a time and place for buyers and sellers to meet here, and that is valuable.  There are the 40 educational sessions, many lead by senior practitioners, and none of which is sold to a vendor like at so many other conferences.Even more valuable is for you to find out what direction the market is headed in.  What exactly are the vendors working on?  What is the next cool break in functionality?  What are your own incumbent vendors competing against and are they lagging, maintaining, or leading?  At the same time all of the consultants and bloggers are there, trying to figure out exactly those questions above.  Your peers are there in masses (which with the budget cuts these days is tough to find sometimes).

Head over to and get registered.  Use the Promotion Code SYSTEMATIC10 (case sensitive) and as a reader, you will get a $500 discount off the on-site rate of $1,650.

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  1. Bill Kutik Avatar
    Bill Kutik

    Thanks for the insightful and kind words, Dubs.

  2. systematicHR Avatar

    Any time Bill.

    And to everyone else, no I don’t get a kickback – so just save yourself $500 bucks and get your discount.