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Good bad and sad vendor news

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In an interesting vendor day, there’s good news, bad news and depressing news.

First the good news. Oracle has released patches and fixes for the PeopleSoft products. Many organizations have been worried about the support Oracle would be offering, but it appears that Oracle is fairly committed to maintaining the satisfaction of the customer base. In other related news, it appears quite possible to support the PeopleSoft applications because Oracle has actually laid off fewer PeopleSoft employees than the street expected, therefore retaining quite a bit of expertise and the ability to continue “normal” PS operations.

Ok – so for bad news, Ceridian is revising some financial reports for the (count them) 4th time!!! How many times can the screw this up. And this is a company that expects us to trust tem as they file taxes, do direct deposits, enroll our employees to benefits? Ouch!!!

In depressing news, the PeopleSoft headquarters in Pleasanton, CA is finally vacant.

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