Authoria Introduces Recruiting

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Authoria Recruiting is big news simply because it expands the reach of the talent management suite. Most vendors claiming to be TMS have either been talent acquisition without the rest, or talent management without the aquisition. Recruitmax was the notable exception for a long time, but with Kenexa buying WebHire, Authoria releasing Authoria Recruiting, Taleo planning on getting into the talent management arena, and WorkStream also with functionlaity, this bumps the integrated suite up one notch.

The reason it’s critical to integrate TAS with TMS is twofold. First traditional TMS suites have been able to sell lots of performance modules, but not much else. This gives them another foothold as talent acquisition systems are probably purchased more often that performance is.

Second, if you think about what talent management systems do, the integration of competency tools into the talent acquisition process is critical. While this could always be done through a myriad of interfaces, the integration of this core component makes the actual practice of managing talent much easier. Look for the leaders in the space to truly provide full suites.

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