“Dreamworks” as a perfect brand

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A while back I wrote about UBS’s employer brand (employee value proposition). UBS is a great example of putting the external marketing brand to good use in the internal employer brand. But lately I’ve been noticing another brand that I consider now to be the perfect brand: Dreamworks.

In terms of what your employees want to do and be, above all, they want to do their “dream work.” As we’ve discussed, compensation and benefits are players in the EVP, but more than anything else, employees need growth, freedom to express their creativity, aggressive learning opportunities, and the ability to collaborate and innovate. Today’s employer brand is not about total compensation, but about doing great work.

As I think about how great this brand is, it’s all about employees doing their dream work. I can’t think of a better concept for attracting and retaining employees, so long as the brand fulfills itself.

DreamWorks Animation is committed to creating a great environment for its employees. In addition to our fast-paced and stimulating production setting, we also invest a tremendous amount of effort in career development and enrichment. And we try to have a little extra fun whenever we can! In a continually evolving creative workplace, we believe it is essential to help nurture the ideas that will develop into tomorrow’s innovations and achievements.

(from the Dreamworks website, November 12, 2006)

I don’t know anyone at Dreamworks, and I don’t know if they are putting their name to good brand use. I can say from a quick scan of their websites that they are heavily promoting their use of top tier talent with a strong sense of creativity and innovation. They want thinkers who will push their products to the forefront of the market.

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