Wal Mart on par with Tier 1 HR Consulting Firms

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I feel like I’ve been theorizing too much. Here are a few interesting things I’ve seen in the news over the last couple of days:

HRMarketer.com HR Industry Trends reports the top HR industry newsmakers as Mercer, Towers Perrin, Hewitt, Watson Wyatt, and Wal Mart!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Walmart joins the ranks the tier 1 HR consulting firms by merit of it’s lawsuits.

I found this article interesting because Infinium has always had such an incredible lock on casino software. Not just for HR and PR, but for casino operations systems as well. When you get into Indian gaming, you often get non-Infinium systems because the Indian casinos don’t like to do the same thing as Las Vegas casinos. Since this one is in California, I think this is an Indian casino. Also, I’m really troubled by claims from Ultimate that state they have good ROI justification over service bureaus (ADP and Ceridian) in the mid-market. I don’t think you can go in-house with fewer than 10,000 employees and save much money.