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Convergys expands BPO offering beyond HRO

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No, I haven’t died, quit, or just gone away. I’ve been in the middle of parallel tests for a client and that has been an all consuming task. This also means that I haven’t been doing the normal market research I usually do every week.

Convergys finalized it’s deal with Deloitte to acquire the Deloitte Fiancial BPO business. With this acquisition, Cenvergys becomes a much stronger player in the overall BPO market. They are already decent sized for HRO, and this just gives them better ability to attract organizations which want a seamless platform for HR and Finance.

While I’m not sure that most large organizations will want to single-source their BPO to one vendor, this offering certainly increases Convergys’ exposure and market share. It’s also possible that acquiring Finance BPO from Deloitte will improve their PR outsourcing business.

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