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I like pictures.  CIPD published a paper that was honestly quite annoying, but contained a couple of little gems.  I was annoyed because the paper was entitled Web 2.0 and HR, but it never got past defining what Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 are and getting to the point of how all this is pertinent to the HR function.  However, it schematically does one of the best jobs illustrating what Enterprise 2.0 is in the context of Web 2.0.  In addition, it shows various examples of implementations and why certain implementations might be e2.0 while others are not.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

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    Karen Caveney

    I like seeing the tie-in of Enterprise to Web 2.0. At Dell we are spending a lot of time thinking about this – especially as it relates to employee engagement – as we solidify our FY10 HR technology solution roadmap. I only wish we got to see more of the HR tools in the marketplace plotted in CIPD’s charts.

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    I like the fact that they are putting Web 2.0 in the context of engagement. I believe that engagement is the key connector between web 2.0 and HR. I wrote about this a little while ago and included the visual that I use when talking to organizations about how engagement and tools have evolved.

    You can find it here: